Who is Honeycomb Commons?

Honeycomb Commons is a product primarily of Chris Holcomb, a social scientist, writer, and community developer currently living in Boone, NC.

I have a degree in Economics from Purdue University, where I also minored in Environmental Politics and Policy and Sociology and concentrated in Statistics.  I have experience working with environmentally focused, traditional, faith-based, agricultural, and localist community and economic development organizations at different times and places in life, and my insights are shaped by all of these influences.  I hope that I can use this experience to provide academic and data-driven insights towards the pressing problems that communities everywhere face, but I also want to acknowledge that I don’t know everything.  I hope that this can be a learning process for me and that I can collaborate with others so that we may all learn together.  Because I believe that all good work is the product of many people’s contributions, I have selected for this site a title that reflects the collaborative nature of my work in a way that my own name would not.

In addition, I will rely heavily on the services and support of my wonderful wife, Jenn Holcomb. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in English Literature and will be an integral part of Honeycomb Commons as an organization, though most of her contributions (marketing, editing, etc.) may be behind the scenes.

We hope that we will be able to draw on the help and insight of many other friends and colleagues we have met along the way.  If you would like to work with us on a project or contribute to the blog, please contact me at cholcomb [at] honeycombcommons [dot] com