The portfolio of Honeycomb Commons is still being built, but here are some examples of the projects I have been privileged to work on in my academic and work endeavors:

Super Bowl XLIX: A Cultural Institution

I created this infographic to illustrate the Super Bowl’s place and impact in American culture. I posted it to the blog here on Honeycomb Commons, and you can access that post here: Super Bowl Infographic

Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe Impact Assessment

I completed this assessment as a piece of contract work for Heifer International, who asked me to study the impact that the opening of a small-town butcher shoppe has had on the farmers and community members surrounding the shop.  I synthesized information from the economic research, surveys, and qualitative interviews that I conducted to compile this report.  Using these methods, I was able to conclude that “The money spent within the first five months of the shoppe’s opening has had an impact of $41,094.76 in total economic output and $17,749.04 in value-added on the regional economy.”  Additionally, I was able to document the shoppe’s impact in terms of relationships, animal welfare, empowerment, and environmental health.

You can see the full report by downloading it here: Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe Impact2

The Economics of Waterway Development in Indianapolis

The purpose of this report was to chronicle the momentum that is being built around waterway-related activities in Indianapolis and to nurture the potential these areas have as catalysts for economic development in the area. I completed this project while I was working in Indianapolis for the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).  I can take no credit for the graphic design in this report, and was grateful to receive support from others in GIS analysis and editing, but I performed the background research and composition of the report myself.  This report was part of a fantastic effort for conservation and conviviality that is gain steam in Indianapolis called Reconnecting to Our Waterways.

The report is available for download here: Economics of Waterway Development in Indianapolis

From Brownfields to Development Opportunities

This practical environmental law brochure was produced in 2013 also while I was working with LISC.  It was part of an effort to direct attention towards the many underutilized properties in central Indianapolis which are not developed because of environmental hazards left behind from previous uses.  As of this writing, Indiana has a loophole in its case law which allows non-liable property owners to sue the insurers of (now defunct) former property-owners who are responsible for the pollution.  This process allows for redevelopment of properties that have sat vacant for decades, something that is sorely needed in many Midwestern urban cores.  This brochure briefly walks through the necessary process.

It can be downloaded via the following link: From Brownfields to Development Opportunities

Predictors of Well-Being in High Income, Industrialized Countries and Their Related Effects

This, my Senior Honors Thesis, earned me the Alan Hess award for Excellence in Economics as one of the top two graduating seniors in economics at Purdue.  Here is the abstract:

“Motivated by both: academic research illuminating the diminishing returns nature of the relationship between income and subjective well-being, and the recent development of composite indices as alternatives to GDP, this paper seeks to analyze empirically the relationship between a variety of macro-level indicators and subjective well-being. As there has been a paucity of research on this subject on just high-income countries, the paper looks at only those countries and finds that the effects of GDP do indeed diminish in comparison to low-income countries. Furthermore, the empirical analysis overall supports the thesis that as GDP rises, the values of countries shift from personal survival and economic opportunity towards larger government, less working hours, and more emphasis on trust in institutions and people.”

It is available for download here: CHolcombThesis